The Faktory is a private Tech Startup Accelerator and Seed Investment Fund founded by Pierre L’Hoest, the Belgian entrepreneur known for his TV slow motion technology.

The Faktory collects and creates business ideas based on disruptive technology that enables new products to take worldwide leadership in B2B niche markets primarily in domains of Information Communication Technologies.

The Faktory is currently incubating startups in the areas of Internet of Things and Software as a Service (SaaS).


A 360° analysis will be applied to the most promising ideas.

A three-step partnership :

  • 1


    Initial analysis of the idea with startup founders and definition of a collaboration agreement.

  • 2


    Market exploratory phase from 6 to 18 months based on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Participation of The Faktory as a lead shareholder.

  • 3


    Development of the industrial activity.


If you have projects or ideas corresponding to the scope of The Faktory or a product based on a disruptive technology and in need of investment and coaching, and that you are ready to join The Faktory for a period of at least 6 months, you are welcomed to apply.

Please send us your project presentation and your contact info

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The faktory offers

  • Great respect for startup founders.
  • The combination of funding, expertise and internationally recognized industrial experience.
  • Original and innovative mechanisms to protect founders during each investment round.
  • Human and financial support to accelerate startup development
  • An investment capability (equity) ranging from EUR 250,000 to EUR 1,000,000 for a startup.

We attach a great deal of importance to the team, its ability to be coached and accept feedback.


Sébastien Dawans Sébastien Dawans Advisor & Partner Engineering, IoT Technology Expert Sébastien Dawans
Yves Joskin Yves Joskin Technological Advisor and Partner Yves Joskin


The Faktory is currently located in Liège Science Park, a calm, suburban area lined with trees and in proximity with other high tech companies. The Faktory will be soon relocated to the city center of Liège in a just five levels, zero energy building and will embrace a mixture of urban agriculture, housings and startup incubators.

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