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founded in 2014

WhiteCrow Tech

The adventure of re-inventing the mountain bike wheel


Though it is common for serious 4×4 off-road vehicles to have onboard air compressors to adjust tire pressure in order to adapt to the varying terrains, mountain bikers, on the other hand, still have to stop now and then to increase or decrease pressure manually. This is  a particular recurrent problem for Fat Bike and Plus bike riders. 

WhiteCrow Tech invented a new type of wheel hub, the WhiteCrow Hub, that will allow riders to change tire pressures on the go! Similar to the mechanism of gear-changing switches, the WhiteCrow Hub can be controlled through a switch while riding. It doesn’t require pre-compressed air or CO2 and allows for an unlimited number of  pressure adjustments.  This revolutionary design is totally mechanical and backwards compatible with most Fat and Plus bikes.


Xavier Serret
Etienne Brandt
Rob Bruyndonckx
Mathijs Verstraete