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founded in 2018 - Fund II


SaaS reporting solution for points of sales


dgenious is a disruptive SaaS reporting solution specially developed to manage distribution networks in a secure, unified, and dynamic way.

A network of points of sale is complex by nature. Different points of sale, some managed by the company itself and others franchised, different computer systems, many users with different profiles and needs. And of course a lot of data generated every day.

Analyze your franchises, points of sale, campaigns, launches, stock, consumers… Juggle with your data. Create, modify, adapt, and share your reports on demand, easily and quickly. In real-time, without any special IT knowledge.

dgenious reconciles data from your different systems in real-time (cash register, stock, ERP, crm,…) and makes it available on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer
dgenious has advanced technology for managing permissions and authentication. It allows you to build permission profiles by mixing and matching various sources at will (AD/ldap, ERP, different POS systems, manual management of some users, …).

With this system, a franchisee only sees the sales and stock data of his points of sale, whereas a logistics manager can see orders and stock data for an entire country but has no access to sales or commercial conditions. A network manager or product manager can prepare a report and share it with categories of users (all franchisees and all logistics managers) and is assured that everyone will only have access to the appropriate scope of data.

For a more secure, dynamic, and digitalized management of your distribution network to boost your profitability!


Gaëlle Helsmoortel
Antoine Lebacq
Emmanuel Girod