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founded in 2019 - Fund II

SaaS for Location analytics at scale

Description is a groundbreaking visual analytics platform, expertly designed to demystify complex location data analysis for both technical experts and no-code analysts. This state-of-the-art SaaS cloud platform excels in managing, analyzing, and visualizing large space-time location datasets. It accommodates a variety of data sources, including GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular triangulation, making it adaptable to numerous industries.
A key feature of is its ability to perform spatio-temporal visual analytics, which is essential for extracting valuable insights from the movements and changes of objects or people over time. This functionality is vital for applications in sectors like mobility, people flow, maritime navigation, traffic management, and for understanding patterns in weather and climate change.

By facilitating in-depth analysis of complex location data, businesses and organizations can make more informed decisions. This leads to enhanced operational efficiency, better resource allocation, and improved strategic planning. For industries reliant on understanding spatial dynamics, such as logistics, urban planning, and environmental monitoring,’s insights can translate into substantial cost savings and increased revenue opportunities. The platform’s intuitive interface and no-code approach also mean that users can quickly leverage its powerful analytics without needing specialized training, further reducing costs and streamlining operations.


Bart Adams
Lida Joly